Whether it's the short or medium term format, or even in a wider "Boot Camp" format, our workshops have a theoric component of initiation and approach to Design Thinking which is afterwards complemented by a practical component that runs through the 5 stages of the entire Design Thinking process. Each workshop is facilitated by a trainer who's specialized in the area of ​​activity associated with the event and will have a case study/challenge related to this area of ​​activity. 

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Consulting, Mentoring, Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Programs

We provide consulting services according to your project needs. We have several consulting solutions, so you can add the required skills to expand your business. From product design to service design, through sales force and digital solutions.

More than a service provider, we want to be your partner from concept into markets.

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We organize and participate in meetup's, seminars and public presentations around the themes of Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Design Thinking. We bring to the most diverse audiences, organizations and contexts all the aspects of a new way of thinking and solving the challenges of the present time. We promote entrepreneurship and the way it can be an easy journey to be reached and traveled, from the development of individual talent to the arrival into the markets.


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"In-Company" Training Programs

We co-create short-term training sessions with companies that aim to promote an innovative and creative mindset in a holistic and cross-cutting way within heterogeneous groups inside company structure. We facilitate the creation of working groups capable of developing solutions around the complex challenges and problems associated with the business strategy in which they are involved.

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