Oporto Thinkers Academy

OPTA is a collaborative project dedicated to training and consulting/mentoring in the areas of Design Thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

Through the Design Thinking approach, we encourage individual and collective change. With this new way of thinking, we provide to all participants the ability to completely change the game in their favor, wether at the individual and collaborative level, or at a professional level.

We develop and facilitate co-created training programs for companies and teamworks in the corporate universe. We organize and run immersive Design Thinking workshops, focused on a certain case study, in short-medium duration for Students, Entrepreneurs and the Public in general.

Current Challenges

Economies and Society are increasingly competitive, and we're oftenly asked to be more  proactive, flexible, differentiating ... all of this can become a difficult task when requirements are common and global. Aware of the current challenges, in our Academy we ask you to leave aside the rigid rules of the great academic disciplines and give greater freedom to creativity and imagination, always with a special focus on people, their behaviors and their language. This new cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary Design Thinking approach is always motivated by a "learning by doing" process that contributes decisively to the creation of value and innovation of products and services that are highly customer-centric.

New Mindset

It motivates us to empower individuals and organizations to change and become more competitive, making their products and services more appealing to their customers.

From another perspective, this new mentality of innovation and resolution of complex problems ends up transposing the business context, finding enormous applicability in the societies in which we take an important role as citizens. Based on the empathic relationship between creator and user, and from a human centered design perspective, Design Thinking is the key element capable of enhancing value creation.


“What a great experience! I've learned so much at Bootcamp Design Thinking. Helder Teixeira I salute you for your outstanding leadership qualities, thanks for opening our eyes to new stages of opportunity and strength. Thank you Carine Bento for your kindness. "

Khuloud Kalthoum (Sustainable Energies Engineer)

" I want to thank you all, and to Helder in particular, for this opportunity to face problems with a different and innovative view. I truly believe that everything I've learned during Bootcamp session will be put in pratice, and hopefully, will be fruitful! "

Anabela Veloso (Intermedia Artist)

" I want to thank you all for such an opportunity to achieve new knowledge and for being capable of reaching new horizons, in consequence of all the sharing experience brought to the Bootcamp. Thank you in particular to Helder, for sharing it with us. We will be watching your magnificent work !".

Sérgio Lourenço (Materials Engineering Researcher at IPN-Instituto Pedro Nunes)

" Training has become a unique experience ... opening my mind to everything surrounding me. Analyzing, observing, planning and innovating has now been made easier through the "tools" provided in training and whose use is easy to understand and apply."

André Silva (Bar/Catering Business Owner)